Our freshly developed educational curriculum for Source-Connect consists of three lessons:

Lesson 1

We will start the lesson by introducing the historical context for remote recording over IP which will then leads into an overview of remote audio workflows. The session will end with a discussion and a fun filled activity to enhance the understanding of these aspects.

Lesson Plan 1

Lesson 2

In the lesson, students will learn about remote etiquette, mix-minus setups and audio routing. It will end with a discussion and an exciting activity on these aspects.

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson 3

For the last lesson, students will be exposed to Remote Transport Sync and the Q Manager that will lead to an experiment of using Source-Connect.

Lesson Plan 3

All these three lessons are carefully crafted in order to allow the students to adopt the use of remote audio collaboration in a more straightforward and relaxing digital manner.


  • Educational Source-Connect license and account
  • Pro Tools
  • Windows or Mac OSX
  • At least two computers, ideally one is a laptop computer or easily portable
  • Source-Connect Pro or Pro X, with configured ports or a Source-Stream account

Extra docs

Bridge The Gap: A Beginner’s Guide to Remote ADR and Source-Connect – Nikki Myers, 2015 CITE


Please contact our support team for any technical questions.