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Teach your students the current and future state of remote workflows for media production, film and television, and the broadcast industry

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We have provided software, services and syllabus for music departments around the globe for over 10 years.

With our tools, your students can use the industry standard for their remote music needs.
Our remote performance suite includes
High quality video and audio in sync
Our remote production suite also includes
Remote overdub other musicians
Remote sync machines and session with timecode
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With our tools you can…

… teach any type of lecture that needs high definition audio so you can hear detailed elements of the audio that needs to be heard and discussed by students.
… teach a master class with students presenting their work.
… use the technology for one on one classes, so the teacher and students can see the movements and hear the exact tonal quality of what the student is producing. You can do this at a more intimate level than other services offer.
We also offer a syllabus that explains how our software is used as tools of the trade every day around the world on the biggest projects.
We integrate with other services such as Zoom and Microsoft teams you may already be using within your institution.
Alan Parsons
Audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and record producer

„With the Coronavirus crisis I had a need to do 'virtual’ masterclasses in support of my Art And Science Of Sound Recording video series…Source Elements have an incredible product called Source-Live which not only delivers high definition audio but also high-quality video images”

Christoph Thompson
Director, Music Media Production Program Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

„Source-Live enabled me to successfully conclude my semester and to maintain a truly synchronous, interactive, high-quality lecture format. It is an important teaching tool.”

With our tools you can

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