Announcing a major new documentary for the 2020 AES Conference

Filmed in just 2 weeks, and across 7 countries. The new documentary from Source Elements premiers at the AES conference on October 28th, 1.30pm Eastern.

With a very special performance from Vienna’s Synchron Stage orchestra, a composer and recording engineer in Chicago, clients in Lisbon & Barcelona, music director in Dusseldorf, ADR recordist in London, actor in Australia, animator in Berlin.. it goes on!

The documentary outlines the creation of Source Elements’ new video bumper, the signature animation and logo that goes at the end of every video that goes online. You’ll also see how our hardworking graphics team was designing our new logo: we go through several iterations before deciding on the one you see here on this website.

To watch the documentary in full, register for the AES 2020 conference.

Check out the trailer below:


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