Newsletter 7, December 2013

Read our December news in our seventh newsletter, announcing 3 new products and information of interest.

Date: December 10th, 2013

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Source Elements announces a major new release of Source-Connect Standard and Pro 3.7 for Windows, bringing the power and stability of our Standalone software to the Microsoft® Windows® operating system, offering all the power of Source-Connect to audio professionals working on Windows.

Source-Connect 3.7 runs as a Standalone application, no longer needing complicated DAW setups, while still allowing you to work directly in their DAW of choice and take advantage of the full feature-set of Source-Connect Standard and Pro.

Source-Connect 3.7 arrives with built-in support for Pro Tools 10, with Pro Tool 11 support pending. This new version of Source-Connect Pro finally brings compatibility with DAWs that exclusively run VST plug-ins, including Nuendo, Cubase, Fairlight, Pyramix, and many others.

Source-Connect 3.7 for Windows is also built for Voice actors – affording you greater mobility than ever before as it will run on any modern Windows tablet, laptop or computer. Check out Joe Cipriano and Kimberly Brooks letting us into their home studios for a peak into their workflow.

Source Elements’ software lets audio professionals work with clients and talent from all over the world in real time: your professional, home, or portable studio can affordably record, collaborate, transfer and monitor sessions anywhere in the world, Windows and Mac.

Find studios and talent worldwide

Introducing a major new feature on our website: find any studio, talent, musician, orchestra and many other audio professionals on our global Map view.

Looking for a talent or studio in a specific geographical area just got easier.

Source-Connect Surround

Source Elements anticipates the release of their Surround offering for OSX: “Source-Connect Pro Surround” – the first software IP codec to provide high-quality audio connections for monitoring and recording in surround with picture/timeline lock. Interested early-users are encouraged to contact us.

iLok Theft and Loss Coverage (TLC)

iLok is now supporting Lost and Stolen iLok replacements for just $25 a year, per iLok, as part of their Zero Down Time program. We strongly recommend everyone signs up for this before traveling or if you are mobile in general and your iLok goes with you, or if there are any circumstances where your iLok might go missing. iLoks that are not activated for TLC before Loss or Theft cannot have their licenses replaced and you will be subject to purchasing new licenses. Broken or damaged iLoks can always be replaced without ZDT being purchased beforehand.

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