Source-Connect 2.2 released

Source Elements has announced the release of Source-Connect Version 2.2.

Date: December 1st, 2005

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With this latest feature update, Source-Connect has added RTS (Remote Transport Sync) for remote synchronization of recording sessions over the internet. This UPGRADE is available to current Source-Connect users at no cost. New users can take advantage of this limited time offer by visiting Source-Connect is the only Pro Tools plug-in capable of streaming audio directly from one Pro Tools system to another while simultaneously locking transports.

As demonstrated at AES 2005, RTS brings integrated transport locking to Pro Tools for the first time, allowing full use of your bandwidth for the audio signal. Requiring no additional hardware or SOFTWARE, RTS makes long-distance transport control simpler than ever.

Mike Aiton of ESPN-Sports UK says ?I had my producer in London here with me, recording talent in Milan (at ZeroDibi). I was controlling their Pro Tools transport and pictures and we were slaved to them ? with lock up as fast as my V10/Unity could play pictures back. The audio was therefore perfectly in sync with my pictures as well as their. BLACK MAGIC! All for the cost of connection of ? NOTHING ? it was over the internet, and sounded awesome. This will save you thousands if you previously delved into the murky depths of ISDN?.

Source-Connect enables high quality, low latency, real time audio connections between Pro Tools systems anywhere in the world, using only T1, Cable, or DSL internet connections. ?With the addition of RTS to Source-Connect, creative collaboration just got a whole lot easier.?, said Source-Elements co-founder John Binder. ?Now with the ability to lock two systems together while streaming audio, overdubs and dialog replacement are a snap. It?s truly amazing to see your system being controlled by someone on the other side of the planet, while seeing and hearing everything in sync.?

Source-Connect eliminates the need for expensive ISDN lines, hardware, subscription fees and minute-by-minute line charges, enabling affordable high-quality connections between studios, voiceover talent and musicians all over the world. Incorporating a high-quality, low delay AAC codec, Source-Connect allows for communications at bitrates up to 160kbps mono, 320kbs stereo. The new RTS feature allows the mix engineer to not only remote control another Pro Tools session, but hear the other session in sync with his own system. No additional synchronizers are required. Even though SMPTE timecode is not needed to synchronize with RTS, users will still have the option to send timecode along with the stereo or mono audio stream.

Co-founder Robert Marshall states, ?We designed RTS so that it could be used for either review and approval or online creative collaboration. It was important that we got this right, we use these tools everyday. This is the killer app for streaming high quality audio. Music overdubs can now be accomplished by two remote studios in real time. The Hollywood film community is equally excited about Source-Connect since RTS enables true sub-frame lock. ?

Relaying a story of Source-Connect?s BENEFITS Binder remarks, ?Recently, Hollywood film composer John Frizzell used Source-Connect to monitor the Czech Film Orchestra in Prague for the score of ESPN’s “Four Minutes”, the film based on the story of the four-minute mile-breaker Roger Bannister. From his California studio, Frizzell was able to collaborate in real time with the CFO, while monitoring their broadcast quality transmission with lock to picture. He commented that it was ‘an amazing debut for the product in Hollywood?.

In a recent article by Michael Goldman in Millimeter Magazine, producer Leslie Tolan commented on her recent review and approval experience with Source-Connect for the HBO show Rescue Me. ?It’s amazing that I can be connected to Burbank from Cape Cod, or when I’m in some other location, and hear and see everything they hear and see on the mixing stage and give them instant notes, just as I would if I was in Burbank.?

Source-Connect Version 2.2 is available for DOWNLOAD from and is a free upgrade from version 2.1. See for pricing.

Source Elements was founded by John Binder and Robert Marshall, two audio engineers who develop alternative solutions to the problematic complexities of everyday production and post-production.

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